Commerical HVAC Contractor Using Pelican Wireless Systems


Hotels have a unique environment for providing HVAC climate control.  With hundreds of individually controlled guest rooms, conserving energy, while providing exceptional guest comfort is a big challenge.  By leveraging Pelican Wireless Systems’ one of a kind Property Management System Interface (PMS Interface) available with Pelican’s Wireless Energy Management Solution, hotels can now achieve a new level of HVAC energy management. Our innovative technology will reduce energy consumption beyond what is possible with other alternatives.

How It Works

Pelican Wireless Systems PMS Interface takes advantage of two easily measured conditions found at hotels; Occupancy Rate and Average Nights Stay. Over the past decade, average occupancy in US hotels has been around 60%.  This means that 40% of the time hotel rooms go unoccupied. Pelican’s wireless Internet Programmable Thermostat combined with their wireless PMS Interface can be programmed to an economy setting during these times to conserve energy.   In addition, there is a window of time between guests checking out and new guests arriving where the rooms are unoccupied.  For business hotels this window of time is generally from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, which also coincides with peak energy usage rates.  Business hotels in the US typically see 1.6 on average hotel nights per stay.  This means that as much as 50% of the time hotel rooms are vacant during the daytime.  By monitoring your hotel room occupancy in real-time, Pelican’s PMS Interface is able to switch vacant rooms to an economy climate setting automatically as soon as your guests check out of the hotel.  The PMS Interface then automatically sets the thermostat to a comfort setting while your guest is checking in at the front desk of the hotel.

Advanced Commercial HVAC Systems Monitoring

Pelican’s wireless programmable thermostats combined with our Site Manager Web App continuously monitors temperature trending over time and the operation of your HVAC system. When any abnormality is observed, Pelican’s Site Manager will initiate a “Push” alert notification. Alert notifications are immediately delivered via text message or email to personnel you have authorized to take action to repair your system(s). For example, if you have a cooling system that is low on Freon, the unit will continue to run for hours trying to maintain proper room temperatures. The result is costly energy consumption which will increase your energy costs. Our intuitive alert feature enables your staff to address HVAC issues proactively instead of waiting for complaints or worse, a system failure.


  • Marriott Hotels San Diego and Los Angeles,
  • San Diego Old Globe Theater,
  • San Diego Zoo,
  • Chamber of Carlsbad,
  • Pepsi,
  • PMRG commercial buildings (3 locations),
  • City of San Diego,
  • Pier One Resort.