The more unusual the better….

1991 Bixby Knolls tower LB. 12 stories up we lifted a section of chiller out of penthouse. With 2” to spare! We have a history of tough jobs! The more unusual the better….

San Diego Commercial HVAC Company Installs Pelican Wireless Thermostat Systems at the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito

Having recently completed installation of the Pelican Wireless Thermostat systems at two San Diego locations of the Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito, San Diego commercial HVAC company, RAM Air Engineering is excited to work with their new client.


According to Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito COO, Andy Brosche, RAM Air’s HVAC technicians were very thorough in their installation of the new Pelican Wireless Thermostat systems and he is very pleased with the results. Not only that, he was impressed with the newfound ability to monitor the building’s HVAC by controlling the package units from his tablet or phone. With the addition of remote statistics and historical graphical data, Andy and his team are now able to control temperatures at the space instead restricted to the location of the main thermostat as well as view the past energy use of each unit. Additionally for such a technical wireless HVAC thermostat system, our San Diego Commercial HVAC technicians were able to complete training on the use of the Pelican Wireless Thermostat system in less than 20 minutes.

Another great feature of installing a commercial Pelican Wireless Thermostat system is participation in RAM Air Engineering’s new maintenance program to reduce filter changes from quarterly to tri-yearly, which ultimately, reduces filter waste and cost of program. To participate in this maintenance program all the client needs is upgraded Tridec 3 ply filters and Pelican controls which is good for package units from 3 ton to 100 ton boxcar type units. With the Pelican Wireless Thermostats in place our HVAC technicians at RAM Air Engineering can monitor notifications pushed from Pelican and respond to problems before they become major issues.

RAM Air Services Irvine Ranch Water District’s Thermal Energy System

Continuing their long-standing relationship with the Irvine Ranch Water District, RAM Air Engineering has recently serviced one of the IRWD’s energy-efficient, industrial thermal energy system.
Aside from its recent overhaul including the replenishment of the glycol solution, this particular industrial glycol system has been in operation and serviced by RAM Air professional HVAC technicians for the past 15 years. In addition to proving itself as a great conservation project, the core purpose of this thermal energy system is to produce ice at night to use during peak hours during the day to cool the building. This has allowed the IRWD the ability to conserve their energy by 50% over the years.
Southern California commercial HVAC company, RAM Air Engineering has the experience to service all types of thermal energy systems for industrial and commercial applications. In addition to repairing ice shaving to ice over tube to water volume tanks, RAM Air has also supplied divers to make underwater repairs for large water holding tanks for a (2 million gallon) thermal energy system.

San Diego HVAC Company Installs Ice Machine for Polar Exhibit

San Diego HVAC Company, RAM Air Engineering and their team of 24-hour emergency HVAC technicians has solved many difficult and unusual heating, ventilation, and air conditioning problems for clients in the past. However this latest project for longtime client, the San Diego Zoo might be the most memorable yet.

Providing flaked ice for the Polar exhibit was a huge labour intensive process for the zoo. Not only was the ice made off-site at another location and transported to the zoo, the quality of snow dropped off during transportation. Rather than use the previous method of importing ice, the zoo contacted our San Diego HVAC company to remedy the issue by installing two Hoshizaki Flakers ice machines to produce snow directly in the exhibit.

In order to protect the new ice machines from the Polar exhibit’s feisty inhabitants, RAM Air’s experienced HVAC technicians built two custom, stainless steel uni-strut supports and mounted them onto the uneven rock formations.  This was accomplished by making cuts into the rock for our uni-struts, creating a level surface for proper critical operation. With the safety of the polar bears in mind, our technicians also used Hilti epoxy for the main concrete anchors to support the 350lb ice machines hanging over the exhibit.  In addition to the structural installation, RAM Air’s team installed a main and secondary water filter to prevent any type of water quality failure.

Instead of the previously labour intensive process that compromised ice and snow quality, RAM Air Engineering has successfully solved the zoo’s unusual HVAC-related issue. We’re happy to announce the two Hoshizaki Flaker ice machines are producing 2,200lbs of flaked ice every 24 hours and the polar bears have given our San Diego HVAC company and commercial HVAC services two paws up for the great work.

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HVAC Environmental Controls for Commercial Indoor Farming at the California Mushroom Farm

With experience in installing, repairing, and replacing HVAC environmental controls for commercial indoor farming operations, RAM Air Engineering’s experienced team of professional HVAC technicians can provide fast and reliable solutions from start-to-finish.

With its massive indoor farming facility, the California Mushroom Farm had six commercial HVAC chillers as well as six steam boilers in place to maintain the optimum growing environment for their mushrooms. In terms of soil management, RAM installed the latest HVAC environmental controls technology that allowed remote monitoring for the right mix of nitrogen, oxygen, moisture and temperature to produce the best crop and volume available.

The best part is this modern HVAC technology can be applied to any indoor growing facility and adjusted to maximize yields for any product. Currently, our controls technicians and HVAC installation professionals are involved in providing new indoor farming technology that supplies soil data directly to an iPad or iPhone, allowing front line workers to react and make the adjustment.

During the more than 30 years in the southern California commercial HVAC business, RAM Air Engineering has built a reputation on excellent HVAC service and a total commitment to customer satisfaction. As a commercial HVAC contractor, RAM Air has become an industry leader through dedication to customer satisfaction and a highly trained, professional HVAC technicians. For more information on RAM Air’s installation, repair, and replacement of HVAC environmental controls for commercial indoor farming operations, click here.

RAM Air HVAC Celebrates Installation of Pelican Wireless HVAC Control System in the Malcolm X Library

Pelican Wireless HVAC control system in the Malcolm X Library and are happy to report the fantastic results.

Due to the library’s unusual HVAC system, complete with zone boxcar units, package systems, and a cooling tower, the Pelican Wireless HVAC control system was needed to give complete commercial temperature control over the various thermostats and climate zones within the library.

Another challenge encountered by RAM’s HVAC installation team was the fact that the City of San Diego’s IT department wanted a special charge in order to give internet access and also did not like the idea of intranet access.  Rather than charge the customer an additional internet access fee for wireless control of their HVAC system, RAM’s HVAC technicians connected to a mobile hotspot device known as a Verizon puck. After the addition of a mini router to perform final connection, the combination proved to have no down time (which would not have been the case with an IT server combination). Overall, this was a very inexpensive way to achieve the goal and give the customer simple and effective control over their Pelican Wireless HVAC control system from a smartphone, iPad, or computer.

Due to the expertise installation by RAM’s professional HVAC technicians, the library has faced zero down time over the past two years, not to mention the Pelican Wireless HVAC control system provides the customer with:

– Complete virtual commercial temperature control over every thermostat and climate zone.

– Thermostat time scheduling individually or by groups via smartphone, iPad, or computer.

– Real-time fault notifications should an issue occur

– Reduced energy costs due to the Pelican Wireless HVAC control system’s level of control and flexibility.

For more information on Pelican Wireless HVAC Control System installations in southern California, contact Ram AIR’s experienced team of professional HVAC service technicians.


RAM HVAC Johnson Controls Certified Commercial HVAC Technicians Service The Resort at Pelican Hill, Newport, CA

A recent call at the luxury golf and spa destination, the Resort at Pelican Hill, along the southern Orange County Newport Coast allowed RAM Air’s, Johnson Controls Certified Commercial HVAC technicians to demonstrate their expertise.

RAM Air's Southern California HVAC technicians

After replacing a specialized high efficiency compressor, RAM’s Orange County commercial HVAC technicians went to work on installing a new Johnson Controls HVAC thermostat to properly sequence Pelican Hill’s chiller systems. In addition, RAM Air’s commercial HVAC technicians were able to connect the existing Johnson Controls thermostats present in other areas of the resort, creating a complete and seamless system to meet the resort’s unique heating and cooling needs.

Having been in business since 1984, RAM Air Engineering is proud to have some of the top Johnson Controls Certified Commercial HVAC technicians in southern California. With a reputation built on premium service, honesty, excellent communication, and a total commitment to customer satisfaction. RAM Air offers quality commercial HVAC systems services by the best commercial HVAC technicians.

RAM Air Southern California HVAC technicians

San Diego HVAC Technicians Solve Long-Time Issue at San Diego Zoo

Using a bit of problem solving and creativity, RAM Air’s San Diego HVAC technicians have solved a long-time commercial HVAC issue at the San Diego Zoo.

Southern California HVAC technicians solve problem at San Diego Zoo

Just as companies are invested in the health and comfort of their employees, the San Diego Zoo cares for the wellness of it’s staff and animals. Due to overhanging trees near the Warner office units, debris would fall from overhead and become lodged in the coils of the air conditioning unit, requiring frequent and extensive cleaning.

Instead of allowing this problem to persist for the client, our San Diego HVAC technicians came up with an ingenious solution involving the installation of special netting above the cooling unit and a Tridim 1-ply filter.  The combination of the overhead netting and special filter serve to effectively provide condenser protection by preventing debris from the overhanging trees from entering the air conditioning unit. Furthermore, when the condenser fan starts up, it blows the debris from the netting above onto the ground for easy clean up.

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RAM Air Offers New Emergency Portable Cooling Units

As the latest feature added to their extensive 24-hour emergency HVAC service, RAM Air’s new emergency portable cooling units are on-hand to prevent your company from loss of valuable equipment, employees, and customers in your commercial space.

Even if work is being done is on the building’s regular commercial cooling system, companies can save both time and money by investing in the installation of portable commercial air conditioners in the interim. To further alleviate any stress, RAM Air’s HVAC technicians are available to provide full turn-key service, from drop-off to pick-up of your emergency portable cooling units including setup, installation, and any other exhaust duct work that may be required.

Our particular emergency portable cooling units features and specifications include:

  • Programmable digital controller to set the desired temperature and time allowing the portable cooling unit to operate automatically during weekends and after-hours.
  • Operates on standard 115v power permitting the portable commercial cooling unit to be used anywhere for as little as 15 cents per hour.
  • Provides 12,000 Btu/hr of cool air to whichever space requires it.
  • Provides air conditioning in the low 60’s°F for providing the ideal operating environment for heat sensitive electronics.
  • Condensation overflow control prevents water overflow of the portable cooling unit when condensation accumulates.
  • UL listed assures safe operation.

During the 32 years in the southern California commercial HVAC business, RAM Air Engineering, Inc. has built a reputation on excellent AC service, honesty, excellent communication, and a total commitment to customer satisfaction. Commercial HVAC contractor, RAM Air Engineering, Inc., has become an industry leader through dedication to customer satisfaction and a highly trained technical staff. For more information on RAM’s new Emergency Portable Cooling Units or any other of their commercial HVAC services.