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San Diego Commercial HVAC Company Installs Pelican Wireless Thermostat Systems at the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito

Having recently completed installation of the Pelican Wireless Thermostat systems at two San Diego locations of the Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito, San Diego commercial HVAC company, RAM Air Engineering is excited to work with their new client.


According to Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito COO, Andy Brosche, RAM Air’s HVAC technicians were very thorough in their installation of the new Pelican Wireless Thermostat systems and he is very pleased with the results. Not only that, he was impressed with the newfound ability to monitor the building’s HVAC by controlling the package units from his tablet or phone. With the addition of remote statistics and historical graphical data, Andy and his team are now able to control temperatures at the space instead restricted to the location of the main thermostat as well as view the past energy use of each unit. Additionally for such a technical wireless HVAC thermostat system, our San Diego Commercial HVAC technicians were able to complete training on the use of the Pelican Wireless Thermostat system in less than 20 minutes.

Another great feature of installing a commercial Pelican Wireless Thermostat system is participation in RAM Air Engineering’s new maintenance program to reduce filter changes from quarterly to tri-yearly, which ultimately, reduces filter waste and cost of program. To participate in this maintenance program all the client needs is upgraded Tridec 3 ply filters and Pelican controls which is good for package units from 3 ton to 100 ton boxcar type units. With the Pelican Wireless Thermostats in place our HVAC technicians at RAM Air Engineering can monitor notifications pushed from Pelican and respond to problems before they become major issues.

RAM Air Services Irvine Ranch Water District’s Thermal Energy System

Continuing their long-standing relationship with the Irvine Ranch Water District, RAM Air Engineering has recently serviced one of the IRWD’s energy-efficient, industrial thermal energy system.
Aside from its recent overhaul including the replenishment of the glycol solution, this particular industrial glycol system has been in operation and serviced by RAM Air professional HVAC technicians for the past 15 years. In addition to proving itself as a great conservation project, the core purpose of this thermal energy system is to produce ice at night to use during peak hours during the day to cool the building. This has allowed the IRWD the ability to conserve their energy by 50% over the years.
Southern California commercial HVAC company, RAM Air Engineering has the experience to service all types of thermal energy systems for industrial and commercial applications. In addition to repairing ice shaving to ice over tube to water volume tanks, RAM Air has also supplied divers to make underwater repairs for large water holding tanks for a (2 million gallon) thermal energy system.