HVAC Upgrade Underway for Costco Western Regional Corporate Center in La Jolla

When moving your business into an older building, it’s often times a great idea to consider an HVAC upgrade. In the case of the Costco Western Regional Corporate Center in La Jolla, a former aircraft assembly plant and it’s previous building automation system or BAS was failing to provide a comfortable environment for those working in converted office space as well as lacking in energy efficiency.

Due to the age and configuration of the ceiling in the older building, RAM’s professional HVAC technicians had an interesting challenge ahead of them in removing the current BAS in the building and installing the new Pelican Wireless Zone system. By undergoing this HVAC upgrade, the building will now feature a control system that is user friendly, cost effective, and ultimately, provide better control and comfort for Costco’s office employees.

The new Pelican Wireless Zone system is a wireless mesh thermostatic control network that allows each installed thermostats to connect between themselves and not interfere with WiFi or other wireless networks. This system also allows occupants to easily access, monitor, and control the building’s commercial HVAC system on any internet enabled device from anywhere.

Complete commercial HVAC systems including installation, repair, service, and in this case, an HVAC upgrade from RAM Air Engineering comes with more than 30 years of proven southern California commercial HVAC experience.