The Resort at Pelican Hill

Who’s there for you when you have an emergency with Axial Fans? RAM HVAC & Engineering of course! We were proud to save the day over at The Resort at Pelican Hill last week. We found the bearings needed replacement and so we made that happen in the same business day. We know how important it is to have your Axial Fans working and if they do break, to have them up and running quickly.

Have you checked your Air Compressor lately?

There’s something very wrong with this machine, it was left out of the maintenance. Don’t let your air compressor end up like this! It is so important to have your air compressors checked regularly to avoid water migration into the pneumatic system causing your entire HVAC system go down like this one did.

Knott’s Merry Farm – Snoopy on Ice

Ram Air Engineering played a big part in helping Snoopy debut his 2019 show which began 25 years ago.  This year, Chiller failed to initiate start up for the big show with multiple issues so they called Ram Air Engineering. With a quick response our Technicians worked tirelessly while running through the Automation controls, testing all operations of the unit and making repairs when finally they were successful in keeping the chiller on line and the “ice Snoopy” Ready!

Working around the Ghosts of The Queen Mary

Diving into the 1934 Ductwork of this haunted luxury liner, we are rebuilding the exposed ductwork to bring it up to date in the first of many projects to come.  This is what we thrive on, the unusual and interesting.  The Director of Engineering aboard the vessel commented, “I never had a doubt you guys would come through for us”.


P-Tac Hotel Unit Repair Services Now Available from Ram Air Engineering

Now you can maintain a inventory of refurbished units to swap out troubled units. Recycling is a good thing!

Hotel’s today typically store away the P-Tac (Package Terminal Air Conditioning) room units that have issues and put a new unit in it place. Ram Air Engineering now offers a new service of pick up repair and delivery of your units! Or, a customer can deliver to our warehouse themselves. We will diagnose issues and make repairs. If it makes sense we can provide a new unit replacement.

Wyndham Hotel in Irvine

“RAM Air exceeded our expectations in every way. Your team provided outstanding customer service, demonstrated the desire and flexibility to meet our needs, responded so fast with a quote and evaluation then finished the job quickly and without incident.  We are extremely happy with the entire experience and look forward to working with you on the other issues. Curt was excellent and spent time to explain things to me when he was here and that was very much appreciated. You too, have been a shining example of what great customer care looks like! “

– Wyndham Hotel in Irvine

Fluid cooler water leak on the tube bundle and causing the water bill to go from $7,000 to $28,000 due to a leak that developed in the tube bundle which we found through troubleshooting system. We jumped right on it and fixed it plus replaced the PVC valves with butterfly valves.