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RAM Air HVAC Celebrates Installation of Pelican Wireless HVAC Control System in the Malcolm X Library

Pelican Wireless HVAC control system in the Malcolm X Library and are happy to report the fantastic results.

Due to the library’s unusual HVAC system, complete with zone boxcar units, package systems, and a cooling tower, the Pelican Wireless HVAC control system was needed to give complete commercial temperature control over the various thermostats and climate zones within the library.

Another challenge encountered by RAM’s HVAC installation team was the fact that the City of San Diego’s IT department wanted a special charge in order to give internet access and also did not like the idea of intranet access.  Rather than charge the customer an additional internet access fee for wireless control of their HVAC system, RAM’s HVAC technicians connected to a mobile hotspot device known as a Verizon puck. After the addition of a mini router to perform final connection, the combination proved to have no down time (which would not have been the case with an IT server combination). Overall, this was a very inexpensive way to achieve the goal and give the customer simple and effective control over their Pelican Wireless HVAC control system from a smartphone, iPad, or computer.

Due to the expertise installation by RAM’s professional HVAC technicians, the library has faced zero down time over the past two years, not to mention the Pelican Wireless HVAC control system provides the customer with:

– Complete virtual commercial temperature control over every thermostat and climate zone.

– Thermostat time scheduling individually or by groups via smartphone, iPad, or computer.

– Real-time fault notifications should an issue occur

– Reduced energy costs due to the Pelican Wireless HVAC control system’s level of control and flexibility.

For more information on Pelican Wireless HVAC Control System installations in southern California, contact Ram AIR’s experienced team of professional HVAC service technicians.